Reading Comprehension Downloads
Research article
Fantastic research article on teaching reading
comprehension strategies in the early years
of school

Book List
Picture Books to use for modelling strategies
Contributed by Anita Holding, Campbell St, School, Tasmania and added to by Alexandra Newbold and the Literacy Coach team Yorke & Mid North Region, South Australia.

Strategy Check-up template
Contributed by Sheena Brewer, Bethlehem College

Example of strategy check up

Volcano boarding strategy check up
Contributed by Melissa Murray, Blockhouse
Bay School
Volcano Boarding.pdf
Duck Overboard stuff
Duck Overboard article

Duck Overboard article: paragraph format

Duck Overboard: Dot to dot connections activity

Activities that develop reading
comprehension for junior school students
Contributed by Pauline Brown, Bombay School

Reading statistics doc.

Shopping list for inferring
Contributed by Unley School

List of proverbs to use for inference

Links to websites that have short
engaging text

New Zealand websites

Kiwi kids news

New Zealand Geographic magazine

International websites

Scholastic News for kids


The Literacy Shed

How stuff works website

Book Trailer example website
Power Points for modelling inferring

Power Point for inferring modelling: using pictures

Worksheet activity to go with it

Power Point for inferring modelling: using text

Worksheet activity to go with it

PM Templates
Summarise a paragraph in 10 words PM template
Contributed by Waveney Bryant, Meadowbank School

Before, during and after Y chart PM template

Before, during & after wonderings PM template
Contributed by Anita Holding
Vocabulary links

Averil Coxhead Academic wordlist:
Victoria University link
Academic word list link

Academic wordlist for kids
Contributed by Bethlehem College
Academic Word List for Kids.doc

Concept circle vocab activity link -
read the info the downloadable templatesare at the bottom

Good vocabulary sites
Word Hippo: defines a word, provides ameaning,
provides a word that is opposite, pronounces a
word, provides rhyming wordsand places
the word in many different contexts.
Great visual dictionary site

Link to Paper Plus website for Collins
Co-build Dictionary

Collins Co-build dictionary free trial

Laura Candler vocabulary foldable template

From the workshop

Emu facts

Tutankhamen self-monitoring

Linda Gambrell
Retelling Workshop Powerpoint

5 finger test bookmark:

Link to PDF of reading strategies

Reading activity modelling book cover

Reading Strategy Toolbox PM

Generic thinking strip PM template

Predicting boxes PM template

Before reading PM template

Fairy story comparison PM for text to text
Contributed by Kerri Wilson, Waverley School

Comprehension response sheet template
Contributed by Sarah Bolton, Otorohunga School

I do, we do, you do, signs for modelling

Choose a starter sheet for guided reading

Read and Achieve with the All Blacks'
David Riley's amazing free comprehension resource
Check out David's website - he writes great
books that engage boys in particular.
Portable Word Wall templates

Word attack Ninja Powerpoint
Contributed by Jess Hardley Waihi Beach School

Word clues activity

Fantastic digital word wall

PM templates to make a
Strategy Question Starter flipchart

Contributed by Cara Taylor, Kaiapoi North School